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DIY Blow Outs

Jenna Mast

Hi! Clients always ask me how to blow dry their hair at home. I really had no clue so many people struggled with at home blow outs, so I'll break it down so you can look super hot without breaking a sweat!

Start with the right shampoo/conditioner
If you want volume but you're using a super heavy moisturizing mask, good luck! There are shampoos and conditioners made to get you the most out of your hair, without having to wrestle with a round brush. For some, I suggest mixing within a line. I use a repair shampoo and volume conditioner (both Ouai) or a texture shampoo (R+Co) and repair conditioner. I do this because I have ultra fine baby hair that has been bleached to death, so I need moisture and lightness at the same time. Ask your stylist, they know best!

look hot without breaking a sweat

Don't start out soaking wet.
Let your mane do some air drying or quickly rough dry with your hands to at least 80% dry for straight hair, 50% dry for wavy/slightly curly hair. (if you have curly-curly hair, you probably aren't regularly blowing it straight. If so, meet your new bestie.) This will save you a LOT of time and will prevent that major arm/shoulder fatigue that I know you're familiar with if you've ever blow dried your own hair.

Put some cream on it
Christophe Robin has the world's best hair products (OUAI is my second runner up). I'm obsessed with this cream that's great for all hair types and aids in giving the best blow out. It's a moisturizing cream that's going to protect your hair and seal your split ends while giving a little hold and a ton of natural shine (aka no greasy effect). I apply creams/oils from ends to mid strands.
For volume, I suggest this dreamy old school mousse by Kevin Murphy. It has a really light floral/grapefruity scent that isn't over powering or powdery at all. Start with a golf ball sized amount and mush into the root area of your pre-dried hair.


grab your tools

Choosing the right tools will help you get the job done as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

The Dyson is worth it
If you blow dry your hair regularly, you will LOVE the Dyson. It's lightweight, FAST, and super easy to use. I use it daily and can still not believe how quickly it dries hair. The size makes it super easy for at home blow drying. I use a medium speed on low heat. I find that very few hair types need it full speed at full heat.

Choosing a brush
My all time favorite brush is by YS Park. It's a mixture of natural and nylon bristles which smooth and control hair. Round brushes are GREAT if you have shoulder length or longer hair. If you have a cute, bobby hair cut, using a Mason Pearson flat brush will give you more control for your style. The best way to find the best brush is by looking to your stylist. Ask what they use and why. There are a lot of variables that go into it and it's sometimes so not worth it to splurge on the $100 brush when you can get away with using the $10 WetBrush.

Seal your style
Don't let all your work go to waste! Lock it in. I like to use an anti-humidity spray all summer. Hairspray is great if your hair just won't hold, but a great blow out will give you the hold you want. If you think you need one, try a soft hair spray before you go ham with aqua net. And always finish with a little light weight oil for shine on the ends.